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ArtnSoul™ - Cervical Spine Neck Relaxer



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    Relax your spine and eliminate neck kinks in less than 10 minutes.

    "I suffer from degenerative disc disease in my neck and also have fibromyalgia. This one item has done more for me in 10 minutes than any amount of yoga, exercise, weight loss, physiotherapy, massage, medication... you name it, ever could. I was astounded at the immediate relief. I will continue to use it daily and I hope to see good long term results! Highly recommend!!"

    Jenn Beal  Verified Buyer

    An absolute must have for anyone who wants a natural at-home solution for the sore tension in their shoulders and neck

    The Cervical Neck Relaxer™ is an easy to use and effective solution in alleviating neck pain and loosening tensed muscles. Its ergonomic curved design helps relax your spine and eliminate the tension in your neck in less than 10 minutes.

    The Cervical Spine Neck Relaxer is a simple and effective solution in alleviating neck pain and loosening tensed muscles and shoulder muscles. It has an ergonomic curved design that supports the spine and helps to stretch, lengthen, or traction the cervical spine, reducing tension and providing pain relief.

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